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You’re at the home of Active Learning on the Western Piedmont Community College campus!¬†On Effective Instruction is our blog for the campus community to share concepts, resources, tools, and discussions about utilizing active learning in the classroom. We welcome your participation in this project through authoring posts for the blog and commenting on posts made…

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Electronic Class Materials Popular With Students

Active Learning doesn’t just involve student activities in the class. It can extend to the ways resources for their learning are provided to them. A recent study commissioned by eTextbook publisher CourseSmart and conducted by marketing firm Wakefield Research has found that students are increasingly showing a preference for electronic books and other online resources…

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Encouraging Digital Citizenship

A major objective of any educational endeavor is the development of skills in students to enable them to function as effective citizens. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in citizenship. The access to information, the development and maintenance of relationships, and the ethics of one’s actions are just a few of the areas that…

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Does Lecture Presentation Style Affect Learning?

One of the most divisive discussions in education today is the role of an instructor in the classroom. For hundreds of years, teachers have plied the boards at the front of a class, sharing knowledge to students whose minds are often far, far away from the subject at hand. Many who support lecture as the…

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