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Electronic Class Materials Popular With Students

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Smart phones and other digital devices are becoming a popular study tool for students.

Active Learning doesn’t just involve student activities in the class. It can extend to the ways resources for their learning are provided to them.

A recent study commissioned by eTextbook publisher CourseSmart and conducted by marketing firm Wakefield Research has found that students are increasingly showing a preference for electronic books and other online resources for course materials. Among other questions, 53% of students stated that they would complete reading assignments on time if they were available electronically, while 88%of the 500 students surveyed stated they had used a mobile device (laptop, tablet, smart phone) to do some last -minute studying for a test. Both of these measures have shown significant increases in the past year.

The interaction with these devices is also on the increase, with nearly half of the students reporting that they access their devices on an average of every 10 minutes.

So, what does this mean for instructors? Making course materials available in a variety of formats may increase the consumption of content by students and possibly improve their performance in class. When you choose class materials, take a moment to determine if a book or article has an online counterpart and let your students know when such resources are options for them.

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