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Active Learning Examples: Pictionary


Name of Activity: Pictionary


Courtney Long



ART 111


Description of Activity: 

Art Appreciation students don’t make objects because it is a lecture course, so I wanted to give them a hands on activity.   The goal is for students to express themselves and convey information only using symbols/drawings while reviewing vocabulary words, artist and artwork names, and key concepts.


Procedure for Activity:

Students were divided into 5 groups of 5 (very large Art Appreciation Lecture).  Each one was given an easel, pad of paper, marker.  A key word was revealed to the students simultaneously.  Students began drawing until someone in the group guessed the key word.   The first group to answer receives a point.  I then quickly show an image or definition, so forth on the overhead and discuss.  The winning group of the day received 5 points extra credit on midterm and final exam.


Result of Activity:

Students laughed a lot, which was really good to see.  They also became very competitive.  Increased test scores.

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