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Active Learning Examples: Mock Crime Scene

Crime Scene Tape

Name of Activity: Mock Crime Scene



Steve Moulton



CJC 221


Name of Activity :

Final Mock Crime Scene


Description of Activity:

A mock crime scene is prepared as students form teams and “work” through the crime scene as if they were criminal investigators.


Procedure for Activity:

  • Students and their teammates must put into practice all of the skills and activities that we have practiced throughout the year.
  • Some activities are (but not limited to):
  • Crime Scene photography (full crime scene photos and completed log),
  • an official NC Incident report completed and a full set of field notes)
  • an official NC Evidence report completed and all relevant evidence on the scene “bagged and tagged”,
  • Crime Scene sketch using proper measurement methods, AFIS Fingerprint retrieval, etc.

Result of Activity:

Each student team is to submit their findings of the case and they are graded on their productivity and efficiency.


General Thoughts of Activity:

  • This activity is fun way for the student to role-play through a crime scene and an investigation. I “play” the role of a complainant and other characters as well.
  • It also allows for nice cumulative “wrap-up” to our course and it is conducted the last day of the semester.
  • I do not grade students traditionally for the results of the activity, (i.e. your fingerprints look like a “B”) just mandate that they show up and try hard to do the best they can.
  • This Mock Crime Scene is scheduled after the formal, written final exam of the semester. I like for it be pressure-free and fun, but also slightly competitive between the two teams of “investigators”.


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