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Active Learning Examples: Marketing WPCC


Name of Activity: Marketing WPCC


Sam Vegter



BUS 110

Description of Activity:

Students are given three tasks to complete. A Billboard (i.e. a bulletin board outside the classroom), A Logo, and A Radio Ad.


Procedure for Activity

I split the class into up to three groups and give them the handout for the Marketing Assignment. They are given several days of class time to complete and present their projects. I continuously monitor the groups in order to present marketing “ideas” and keep them on task. Questions are asked that pertain to BOTH their project and to material in the book. At the end of the project the students must, not only present their work, but also be able to answer “why” they made the choices they did in the decision making process.


Result of Activity

An entire module of marketing can be introduced to the students in these three activities. While the students believe they are “just making” these items they do not realize that they are learning the basic tenants of business marketing. (Marketing’s 4-P’s, Marketing Research, Environmental Scanning, Segmentation, Consumer Behavior, Branding, etc..)


This activity also provides possible marketing materials for the Business Administration program at WPCC


General Thoughts of Activity

I’m always impressed by the student’s creativity as they have come up with some very interesting marketing campaigns. I will note, however, that I find myself pushing the students to put more thought into the work. They will want to simply put together an idea without doing the necessary research behind it.

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