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Active Learning Examples: The Global Quiz

A Big Globe

Name of Activity: The Global Quiz


Sam Vegter



BUS 110


Description of Activity:

Students are given a quiz via PowerPoint on various cultural differences around the world.

Procedure for Activity:

Students are given a small white board and marker. They are told that they will have to stand up and answer multiple choice questions presented to them on the presentation.  I present the questions one at a time to the students, reading both the question and the choices. When all students have written their choice on their individual boards I then start to make the wrong choices disappear on the presentation. If a student’s answer disappears they must sit down. Students with a correct answer get a point. Once I’ve tallied the results we go to the next question and start again. The person(s) with the most points will earn extra credit on a test.


Result of Activity:

Students walk away with a better understanding of cultural differences.


General Thoughts of Activity:

Students become incredibly engaged as they participate in the quiz. The “game” requires them to think critically and the questions are random enough that answering them is fairly difficult. I find that the pressure to get the question right, and the competition with others, keeps the students on their toes.

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