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Active Learning Examples: Geocaching

Picture of a Geocache Box

Name of Activity: Geocaching


Katharine Wright



TRE 120


Description of Activity:

Students use handheld GPS’s to locate geocaches hidden on WPCC campus and around Morganton.

Procedure for Activity:

Students are introduced to geocaching as an activity, shown the website, explore the many caches located in Morganton. Students are then presented with a task analysis for operating the GPS. After everyone is successfully operating their GPS, we venture onto campus to locate the 4 caches at WPCC. (follow-up activity includes geocaching at Catawba Meadows). Students process how geocaching could be a therapeutic activity, for what populations and to address what therapy goal.


Result of Activity:

Students successfully geocache on WPCC campus and at Catawba Meadows and ideally then facilitate geocaching session with a client group.


General Thoughts of Activity:

Students are introduced to a (possibly new) leisure activity with therapeutic applications. They are able to successfully participate in the activity and then facilitate a session.

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