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Active Learning Examples:

The Walt Disney World Project

Name of Activity: The Walt Disney World Project


Sam Vegter



BUS 110

Description of Activity:

Students must make the most out of a day in Disney World using the information they’ve learn in Operations Management.


Procedure for Activity

Students are given the Walt Disney World Project handout. They have to decide which rides to go on to maximize their total daily points. There are also a few other tasks they must complete during the day. Each ride has a different point value as well as accurate wait times (based on historical data) and walking distances between each attraction.


The student must pick wisely in order to maximize their points for that day.


Result of Activity

Students were immersed into a world of operations management. They had to produce time lines and gantt charts in order to complete the task efficiently and effectively. While they thought they were creating a fun day at an amusement park, they were actually learning some fairly difficult concepts in operations management.


General Thoughts of Activity

Students LOVE this assignment. They can immediately put themselves in the shoes of a park-goer and jump right into the project. I’ve had one student tell me that this was the “most fun he’d ever had learning how to plan something.”

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