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Active Learning Examples: Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Name of Activity: Disaster Response


Katie Hoover



ENG 111


Description of Activity: 

I use this activity to begin a discussion on stereotypes for a Causal Analysis Essay.

Procedure for Activity: 

We have complete this activity in the active learning room to reduce distractions. I count off to divide students into groups, then each group discusses their decision. They write their results on the whiteboard and we discuss as a class. This leads to a discussion about assumptions and stereotypes.


Result of Activity:

Students become more engaged in discussions. Working with a group helps them to feel more comfortable and the activity gives them a place to start.


General Thoughts of Activity:

The objective of this activity is to begin opening students’ eyes to the assumptions they make as individuals. I use it as a way of approaching a difficult concept, “what causes an individual to believe a stereotype?” I treat this activity as the beginning of a discussion it is not as useful as a stand-alone. That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned about active learning techniques, they are best when used as part of a whole.

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