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Active Learning Examples: Calling All Bards

Bard Singing

Name of Activity: Calling all Bards!


Sam Vegter



ECO 251


Description of Activity: 

I use this activity to reinforce the ideas behind the ten pillars of economic thought.

Procedure for Activity: 

After our lesson on the ten pillars of economic thought I hand out a paper outline the Calling all Bards assignment. Students must then create a poem based on common economic principals. When class starts the next day I have the students share their poems with a partner. They are to then pick the best one and again are put into a larger group.  Once all the poems are read they again pick the best one. I continue this until a “best” poem is picked by the class. The author of that poem gets extra credit.


Result of Activity:

Students must use various learning methods to come up with their work. This requires deeper level thinking skills and better reinforces the class material.


General Thoughts of Activity:

I like that this activity takes several complex ideas and forces the students to really dig into them in order to come up with a poem. The students seem to enjoy the creativity of their classmates and the extra credit opportunity motivates them to participate even more. I tend to keep the best poems from the class to read to the next class to show them what is expected.

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