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Active Learning Examples: Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Library Edition

Name of Activity: The Amazing Race, Library Edition


Sam Vegter



BUS 110


Description of Activity:

Students must answer global business questions to complete three separate race tickets.

Procedure for Activity:

Students are put into groups of two or three and taken to the library. They are given an individual race ticket that contains up to 10 questions. Each question has something to do with material from a chapter we are covering in class and many of them have “hidden” attributes that will help a student understand a concept. They then “race” against other groups. Answers can come from various sources as the students must use their research skills and problem solving skills to finish the task. When a ticket is turned in they are given another ticket with more questions. The group that finishes first “wins”.


Result of Activity:

Students are naturally competitive and will work hard to get through the activity. In turn they are learning about global business in a new and unique way.


General Thoughts of Activity:

I find that students love to compete against each other. By playing up the questions as a “game” they become more interested and are more motivated to answer them. Even the simple idea of leaving the classroom for a new environment makes them more interested in the lesson.

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