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Active Learning Ideas: Posters & Gallery Walk

People looking at a poster galleryPosters & Gallery Walk

A “Gallery Walk” is an activity that allows participants/students to discuss and display their final work around a room much like artists would display their artistic pieces in an “exhibit.” It is a way that participants/students can share their group work projects or individual literary responses to a text in a non-threatening way with the assurance of getting some feedback from their learning community. This discussion technique allows students to be actively engaged as they walk throughout the classroom. They work together in small groups to share ideas and respond to meaningful questions, documents, images, problem-solving situations or texts.


  1. An assigned task/activity is worked on by a team of students that form Home Base Teams.
  2. When the teams finish their collaborative work poster, they each display their work around the classroom. This can take the form of a poster, or it can be a simple as laying their work out on the tables.
  3. Inform the teams that they will visit each one of the posters to generate a discussion about the work/poster that each group did.
  4. Once each team has visited each of the posters, they return to their poster and review the comments left by the other groups or discuss their Gallery Walk Response Sheets. If there is time, and after considering the work that they saw on others’ posters and/or the comments and questions that were left, they may modify their work on the poster.
  5. Collect any clarifying questions that were posted on the posters with sticky notes or on the Response Sheets and begin a whole group discussion.
  6. Each clarifying question is directed to the collaborative group that generated and/or created the poster. To facilitate the discussion, you read each clarifying question and then write them on a white board/smart board/chart paper, identifying each question by team name/number (i.e., Group 1, 2 or by the Group’s invented name, if appropriate).
  7. Then a discussion ensues. You give each team the floor when their question is brought up. The team is given the opportunity to answer the clarifying question, which can be done by one representative from the group or by all the group members chiming in when appropriate and/or when there is a pause after a team member adds a final comment.

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