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The Power of Believing You Can Improve

I think Carol Dweck has a strange presentation style, but I loved the message of this TED Talk. It speaks to the paradigm shift in education towards greater emphasis on the learning process (the experience of thinking), rather than just the learning product (test scores).

Building a fund of knowledge is a natural by-product of higher order thinking. Our respective funds of knowledge do not typically reflect what we committed to memory for college exams, but rather represent the bits of information we found interesting and/or useful. The vast majority of exam information was lost within a couple of hours of taking the test.

Did you learn more about your field from your experience as a student or from your experience as a practitioner/teacher after graduation? Interpreting, creating, and applying skills are high on Bloom’s Taxonomy, but memorizing is low. Memorizing is a pile of rocks. Interpreting, creating, and applying is using those rocks to make houses, or dams, or paper weights, or ammunition for sling shots, or jewelry, or statues!

The Power of Believing You Can Improve

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