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Techbreak 2 – More Online Resources

Held September 27 & 28, 2012 in Moore Hall
with Chris Smith

Questions? Please contact David Biddix at extension 6416 or by e-mail

Missed Techbreak 2?

Watch the September 27 session by clicking on the video segments below or by visiting WPCC’s iTunesU page and downloading the video to watch offline. By clicking the iTunesU link, iTunes will open with the WPCC site loaded. Choose Techbreak under Instructional Technology to access the video.

Segment 1: 26:11 Segment 2: 26:26 Segment 3: 12:50

Select from the links below for more information on the software discussed in the presentation.

Blackboard to Moodle Transition Update

  • Training modules are currently being developed to be tested out by the Distance Learning Committee and the Deans
  • Once finalized the training will be distributed out to a larger population of the faculty
  • Course development will take place throughout the spring semester
  • First roll out is targeted for Fall of 2013
  • Complete transition to be completed by the 2015-2016 academic year

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