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Western Piedmont Community College prides itself on being an open door institution.  The open door, while important to the College Mission, applies to the admissions process.  To protect the safety of students, faculty, staff, and others on the campus, the College welcomes visitors and guests identified with a specific college purpose or function during normal operating hours.  Only registered students are permitted to attend College classes and laboratories and utilize certain College support services.  Persons who are not conducting business or purposely engaged in a sanctioned activity of Western Piedmont Community College may be asked to leave the premises.  Visitors on campus are subject to the same code of conduct required of students.

(VISITORS, approved by Trustees on July 21, 2003.)

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General Information Policies

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4.1.A  Visitors

4.1.B  Firing Range Regulation

4.2.A  Posting of Literature

4.2.B  Marquee Information

4.2.C  College Lake

4.3.A  Tennis Courts

4.3.B  Fitness Trail

4.3.C  Use of Facilities Beyond Normal Hours

4.4  Public Use of Campus Facilities

4.5  Exhibits Held on Campus

4.6.A  Campus Security

4.6.B  Traffic and Parking


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Table of Contents

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  1. General Information
  2. Governance and Organizational Structure
  3. Administrative Services
  4. Building and Grounds
  5. Human Resources
  6. Academic Affairs
  7. Institutional Advancement
  8. Student Services
  9. Learning Resources and Technology
  10. Western Piedmont Foundation